Thursday, 22 August 2013

I Decided to Write a Blog!

Hello all!

I have signed up for this blog for a few months now but have not started writing anything because I was not sure what is the purpose for this blog. But this past one month I have been browsing through lots and lots of book bloggers and decided to do my own book blog. I have read lots about what are to be in a book blog and also realised that there aren't many book bloggers from Malaysia. A little bit about me.

Friends call me Ili

I am 25 years old and currently waiting for my posting to school

I am a teacher-to-be

An avid reader

I am crazyyyyyy about Young Adult Dystopia..all about different kind of society,corrupt governments and the social settings that I am not familiar with really excites me.




  1. Hello Ili! Woot another Malaysian book blogger. I came across your blog from Bout of Books wrap up linky. Yours was the first link that I randomly clicked, and I saw the word 'Malacca' on your blog. And I was like 'Hold on, that sounds so familiar'. Nice meeting you :)

    I like dystopia as well, very. Thanks to The Hunger Games. I like corrupt government, no I don't, I like to read about corrupted government and how they got kick in the arse by the oppressed citizens. That, usually made my day.

  2. Hi Farhana! Yeayyyy msian book blogger! Finally I found someone in Malaysia that I can fangirling together..hehe..*ohh actually u found me*hehe anyway,nice meeting u too!

    1. We found each other. Arghhh cheesy to the power of 10. Slap me, please xD
      Yesyes fangirling is my second hobby. Let's flail and drool and nosebleed over books and fictional characters togethaaa, hehe.

    2. Yeayyyyy! Where do u usually buy books?do u know bookalicious at summit usj?

    3. Popular. It's an hour car ride from home, though, so I rarely go there anymore. I only stop by the store when my family wants to do some AEON-shopping. Bookstores are scarce in my place, there is one or two but they don't sell English fictions.

      I've heard about Bookalicious before but haven't got the chance to go there yet. My home is a two hours (approx.) away from KL/Klang Valley, so hmm that's veryvery far for bookshopping. I rarely go to KL. I make an exception for BBW every year, though xD

      How about you? Where did you get your books?

    4. I buy books from Popular and MPh. If I go to KL,I'll be checking out Borders and Kinokuniya. But the books there are quite expensive. Now I buy books from bookalicious. They have a FB page. I usually ask them to save me a copy of the book I want and when I go to KL,i'll ask my cousin to pick up the books for me and I'll take my books from my cousin. Hee

      They have latest YA books and the price is about rm5-6 cheaper than in big bookstores. I order my books and pay thru online transfer. Hee

    5. And the owner Leon, is verrrryyyyy friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to books. If the books you want are not at shop,they can order it for you. Try check out their FB page. They do post delivery of the books too but you have to pay the delivery charges. Hee

    6. They post books? *google them immediately*. That's what I really need since travelling all the way to KL isn't that feasible for me. I've heard they give out free bookmarks and cute paper bags to customers (some Malaysian vloggers do book haul videos on youtube, that's how I come to know it). Well, I'll probably miss the paper bag. Will check them out, nonetheless. Thank you so much for the tips, Ili!

      Do you regularly go to BookXcess? How's the price there compared to Bookalicious? They seem to sell very cheap books (since they're the brains behind BBW). I've checked their FB, but they don't ship books to those inside Selangor/KL/Putrajaya. *sadface* I live in Selangor but apparently every store in Selangor is sooooo farfarfaraway. Perak is much closer.

    7. I used to go to BookXcess but because some of the books are not the type that I would read and I discovered Bookalicious so I stopped going to BookXcess. Hee. BookXcess books are quite cheap. Below RM20 but they have limited new releases books. That is why I prefer Bookalicious. And Leon is sooo friendly and sometimes he will suggest some books that I might like.

      Which part of Selangor do you live?

    8. I live at the outskirt of Selangor xD. In a very remote town, almost everyone who asks me the question never heard of the name; Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor, Very close to Perak and pssibly Pahang borders.

    9. I know that place. Hee. There is an MRSM there right?MRSM KKB.

    10. You know! *throws confetti* Mom! Dad! There's someone who knows! Haha. Yupyup. There is. An MRSM and DQ (Darul Quran). And Kedai Kwong On (hahaha. Idk why I mention this).

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